What Percentage of Your Lens Lineup s No Longer Nikon?

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Re: What Percentage of Your Lens Lineup s No Longer Nikon?

ZurichPhoto wrote:

I love Nikon products -- the optical quality is outstanding … the build quality superb. All other things being equal, I'd buy nothing buy Nikon products.

But in recent years, all other things have not been equal.

I've seen my F-Mount kit evolve from 100% Nikon maybe 10 years ago slowly to a 50/50 split between Nikon (for super teles and exotics) and Sigma and Tamron for many others. In many cases the once inferior brands are now of equal quality, half the price and in many cases feature newer technologies.

Again, love Nikon and want to support the company -- but it's increasingly difficult to ignore the quality and value of the competition.

How has your bag evolved, if at all?

I had a Sigma 8-16. It stopped autofocusing with new Nikons. Never again. It's in the basement. Nice paperweight.

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