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IMO the must-do item is to ask the service that scans your art what color space they're saving it it. If they aren't aware of color spaces, then IMO look for a new service.

Also good advice. There is a slim chance it's in the native camera/scanner colorspace. Sort of like one of the options dcraw.c has for raw images. But you then need an input profile attached to it so it can be converted to a standard colorspace. So I suspect it's already converted to some standard colorspace. Odd that they haven't tagged it so it may be just sRGB which is not adequate for scanning artwork that has highly saturated colors. Depends on the artwork.

Actually, my paintings are very desaturated, almost monochromatic. But still, even if it's B&W, I'd prefer 16, over 8-bit.

Assuming that they are saving it in a color space that the service that prints it can use, I see no reason to convert to a different color space unless you're performing edits that will substantially change the color. If they scan to sRGB and that clips your art's colors, then your converting from sRGB to e.g. ProPhoto RGB is not going to restore those colors.


I see no color space assigned to the files. It says "Untagged RGB", which I assume it's no color space at all.

There is always a color space, assumed or otherwise. So in this case, it's assumed even though you're told 'Untagged RGB" . Photoshop will use whatever RGB Working Space is selected in Color Settings as the assumption for untagged data (RGB Working Space). That assumption may be wrong hence the reason Assign Profile command exists.

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