Low light stills camera suggestions

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Low light stills camera suggestions

The pictures I take that are most demanding on a camera are large, dark interiors with a fair amount of depth of field, no subject movement and no tripods or the like allowed. For example, the interiors of Gothic Cathedrals or English manor houses. These are usually taken with fairly wide angle lenses, sometimes ultrawide. I sometimes want distant detail, such as flat subjects on a wall.

It seems most any camera will do daylight shots well, although I sometimes shoot gardens, including close-ups of flowers, for which close focus and shallow depth of field is good.

Light weight is a major priority. Being able to autofocus on moving subjects is not a major consideration and video is not a consideration.

My present set-up is an Olympus E-M5, mainly with the 12-40/2.8, often with the Pany 7-14/4, less often the Oly 40-150/4-5.6 or a 7mm FE.

The 7-14 results in flare, and especially purple flare, too often, especially indoors lit with spotlights (as is often the case with older cathedrals). The 40-150 is too slow. Better stabilization would be helpful.

Things I've considered:

E-M5 III with a 12-100/4 and 8-18/28.4. The newer body should give more stabilization, especially with the 12-100. The 12-100 would give more reach than the 12-40 and would be faster than the 40-150. The 8-18 should have less flare and require fewer lens changes than the 7-14 - it could become my main lens in many cases.

However, this doesn't seem the best time to be investing in an entirely new Olympus set-up.

A possibility is the Nikon Z6 with 24-200/4 and 14-30/4.5. This would be somewhat heavier than the Olympus kit and stabilization would not be as good, but the faster lenses would be helpful, especially when shallower depth of field is appropriate. Perhaps the Z7, which would allow for more cropping.

A less likely possibility would be the Fuji X-T4 with 16-80/4 and 10-24/4. Lighter than the Nikon kit, but doesn't have the reach I'd like. If I could get to about 200mm FF equivalent without adding much weight, this could be rather appealing.

The alternatives I see from Canon and Sony are too heavy.

I'm aware of various bracing techniques for indoor shots, but they are usually not feasible or not enough. I could also blend multiple shots for less noise, but that's not ideal.

Budget is not a major factor.

I'd appreciate any suggestions or thoughts.

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