Polarizing filter; which one

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Re: Polarizing filter; which one

Gilbert1 wrote:

TheBlackGrouse wrote:

The B+W Brass makes the filter easier to remove. I have B+W polarizers, but not the slim ones because they don't have a front thread. Besides, the XS versions are very thin, a bit more difficult to handle.

And I would always remove the UV filter when using the polarizer. Less glass in front of the lens and the polarizer gives the protection you probably want from the UV filter.

Thanks! By the way, I read that you should use a thin filter with a wide-angle lens because of the risk of vignetting? So, in my case I better get a smart filter, or is it not really necessary? As what you write, a smart filter also has disadvantages.

Yes, with a really wide angle. My 7DII (1.6 crop sensor) does not vignette with my 'thick' brass B+W MRC polarizer at 16 mm. Correct that for full frame and at 24 mm (as you have) it should not vignette.

I don't quite understand what you mean with a smart filter. it is available in Photoshop but that's something different of courseĀ 

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