Nikon Z6 + Atomos Ninja V

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Nikon Z6 + Atomos Ninja V

Hello everybody,

I am currently using a Canon Eos 5d classic and a Sony A7rii and I am about to pull the trigger for a Nikon Z6 by trading my Sony.

I just wanted to know some stuff about it before I actually do this step. I’ve used an entry level dslr Nikon d3300 before I got the Sony but my skills back then was a little bit limited and my taste not that certain. Actually I’ve never complain about my Nikon’s colors as I do with my Sony but I absolutely love my Canon’s. Now what I wanted is a hybrid camera that can do both photography and video very well and I am thinking about the Z6 with the Atomos Ninja V for full frame raw video. So what I wanted to know about this camera is firstly your personal experience with it and more detailed about the following.

  1. Colors and skin tones compared to Canon and Sony (mostly Canon).
  2. Battery life (photo and video) and if I can power the camera with a usb cable from a power bank for instance like how I do with Sony.
  3. Adapted lenses performance (mostly Nikon F and Canon EF. Canons would also fit my 5d so I prefer them if they work well enough). I am probably not going to get any Z lens because of the high cost. I am currently having a Canon 50mm f1.8 ii which is my only autofocus lens and all my other lenses are manual focus m42 and Pentax K lenses. So I am probably going to need at least one autofocus lens for tracking subjects when filming and moving. I am thinking of a zoom lens which would be at least 24mm wide or wider and about at least 30-35mm on the long side. So let me know if you have any suggestions and what mount would work well with focus tracking. Also I don’t care about noise from the focusing motor because I’m recording sound separately.
  4. It would sound a little bit crazy but I am currently using my adapted lenses on my Canon 5d with chipped adapters so I get the correct exif data from the camera when shooting. Would that be possible with a Canon ef adapter for the Z6? Also is there any way I can get focus confirmation from the Z6? (I know about peaking and magnifying).
  5. How is metering with manual lenses.
  6. How is ibis with manual lenses.
  7. Any tips for avoiding dust on the sensor when changing lenses.
  8. Any drawbacks, any reason to avoid this purchase.

Thank you in advance,


Nikon D3300 Nikon Z6
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