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Re: Color Space for scans

Great to see that as photoshop opens your file in its native space it looks good to you ..... just goes to show the difference between empirical theory and practical usage. As others have said it seems it may be sRGB 8 bit.

Luckily you have the original and the eye that created the artwork , so judging visually is most probably good enough. No shadow casts and a clean white with good contrast , you might have to play with your 16 bit file to get a printing file, obviously quite different from the screen file you like to see. Depending on the paper you select , the image will be flattened and require help to match the "look" of the screen image. It is at this point of playing with the tone curve , possibly darkening the low tones and lifting the midds, that you would encounter problems with an 8 bit file.

I had a friend that sold paintings in the USA and Germany ( mostly)  and before her paintings , pastels or screen prints  left I would capture them on a Sinar for all the catalogue and promotion work.   Going from Art, to film, to scanning, to 4 colour press, is a horror trying to get an exact replica..... But ultimately its an aesthetic judgement  that decides success.

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Gear ... what I need to get the job done , after all you don't see mechanics listing their brand of spanner as a qualification .

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