Oly 100-400mm - why so big?

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Re: Oly 100-400mm - why so big?

bobn2 wrote:

prsc wrote:

James Stirling wrote:

Of course you cannot do the opposite as m43 lenses would not cover a larger sensor

It'd be interesting to see what is the Oly 100-400mm's image circle, as it seems to be based off of the Sigma FF design, but with smaller rear elements.

I don't think the rear elements are any smaller, they are just different. I don't think that has anything to do with image circle. Usually if the image circle of a lens is too big and the designers are worried about stray light causing problems they juts put in baffles, which would seem to be a much simpler and cheaper solution than redesigning the rear of the lens. In general the size of rear elements depends on the angular size of the exit pupil, which is dependent on f-number.

No offense but it doesn't really matter what you think as we can clearly see this (unless the diagrams are incorrect in which case there's really nothing to discuss):



My guess is the change in the rear elements has more to do with requiring a better performing IS, which has to correct over a narrower AoV so needs to be more precise.

Yes this is the most likely reason and I wasn't even suggesting that the elements are smaller/different to make the image circle smaller.

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