Do I need a telephoto lens or a macro lens?

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Re: Do I need a telephoto lens or a macro lens?

Thanks for the pictures, much clearer now what you need. A very special application and looks like you got the right special camera with sufficient frame rate. As I said in my earlier post in the open forum it's limited by its nesessarily low resolution (to achieve the high fps numbers) but since you say it's enough to have the patticles show as mere dots as the important thing is recording their path, it might be enough.

I'm afraid your case is way beyond the 'expertise' of somebody like me who uses his macro lens for the occasional flower shot. There are folks here who have experience with high speed macro photography who can help you better but I'll give my 2c anyway:

As you say, you'd benefit from more light. You are already close to the native monochrome ISO: 6400. Not sure if going color would help but that could give ISO 1600 according to the specs of your camera. Main thing is that with more light you could increase the shutter speed. 1/550 looks slow for fast moving particles.Since your camera is capable of 1/250 000 there's basically no limit to how much light you could use to increase your shutter speed though the speed of your particles determines what's enough.

You suggest back lighting. Could work to have the particles show as black specs against a white background. OTOH it looks like the particles are light colored so front light with dark backgtound could work too.

if the lens you already have gives you the right field of view and can focus on the subject I don't see that you could gain anything by changing it. But you need to consider the size of the particles in relation to the FoV to determine if you have enough resolution. If not, does your research allow you to shoot a narrower FoV, ie. show a smaller part of the scene or will that exclude crucial information? If so, could you use several cameras firing in unison at different parts of the scene and combine the frames aftetwards?

Good luck with your project.

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