Color Space for scans

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Re: Color Space for scans

hhhhhhhh wrote:

It is a properly calibrated monitor, but it looks good only because it has not much colors in it.

Be aware that sRBG and aRGB color spaces have similar tone curves (not exact but close) with an approximately 2.2 gamma. ProPhotoRGB has a 1.8 gamma. Scanner profiles may be linear or something else.

Anyway, try this experiment, it will cost you only a few minutes of your time. Open the untagged file in Photoshop, and simply try assigning different colorspaces, e.g. sRGB, aRGB, proPhotoRGB using the Edit>assign profile menu in PS. As you switch between different assigned profiles, neutral will indeed stay neutral, but near neutrals and anything moderately saturated should shift in color. Also, switching from sRGB or aRGB to ProPhotoRGB should shift the mid tones and shadow values noticeably with respect to visual contrast even if hue and saturation isn't changing dramatically due to the low chroma nature of your image. Pick the colorspace that you think is closest to being correct in both color and tone reproduction. My guess is that it will be sRGB, but which ever one you like best is the one to permanently assign to the file in the absence of any proper guidance from your service provider.


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