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Re: Ask the studio what colorspace the scan is in

mike earussi wrote:

8 bit can cause banding if you plan on doing any heavy manipulation. If I sent one of my images out to be scanned and was sent back a 8 bit file I'd be dissatisfied. If you payed for a high quality scan you should be getting a 16 bit tiff back.

I don't plan to, but I prefer having the max quality scans. I'm satisfied with the results and how it looks on my screen right now (didn't print it out yet), but still, number 8 bothers me

These guys are highly reputable studio specialized in fine art, and I guess they know what are doing. My paintings are almost monochromatic, so that might be one reason. Another reason is that I opted for flatbed option, which was 10x cheaper comparing to artwork capture with their 400mpx Hasselblad. So, I guess with artwork capture it will be 16-bit. Third reason might be that they tried to get the optimal file size for the print size I told them I'll be doing, because they sent me the files over the internet, so the speed might be the issue if they had to attach 50GB file.

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