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Re: PI stage for Stack&Stitch system

vd Berg wrote:

Meanwhile read (part of) Basics of Motorized Positioning Systems (

With which Physik Intrumente (PI) motor, actuator, controller, software, etc. did you worked with for a Stack&Stitch system?


That's a very basic PI reference, good for someone new to these types of controllers to read. The details are quite a bit more involved, and producing a close loop system with excellent stability, position and repeatability is very involved.

I'm only using the PI stage for the Z axis in conjunction with the THK KR20 focus rail. The KR20 is used for coarse positioning and the PI 601K or PI 603K are used for fine positioning for actual stacking. These stages have a small range of ~250um, which is 1/4 turn of the KR20 with a 1mm pitch thread, thus the coarse and fine usage.

For X and Y we use the KR15. The controller for the KR20 (coarse Z axis) and KR15 (X and Y axis) are custom designed based upon the superb Trinamic devices.

The controllers developed for the PI stages are also custom designed and built with custom PCBs. One controller operates directly with the PI 601K stage, and is a flexible design to support various piezo stages. The other design interfaces with the PI 603K driver PCB and mounts directly on top.

All the controller, both THK and PI stages are controlled from a RPi.

Details are available over at the PM site. Use the search with author mawyatt....that's me.


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