Avid Fujifilm x-series user; bought my first GR last week

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Rob Anton-Erik
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Avid Fujifilm x-series user; bought my first GR last week

Hello. I've been using Fujifilm x-series cameras for the last four years, and am very happy with the system. However, I've also been interested in the GRi/ii/iii series for a while. I finally gave in to the GAS and purchased the GR iii SE last week. These are some of my thoughts, as a new GR user familiar with Fuji.

Reasons for buying the GRiii:

  • I have and love the x70 but I wanted to try another "compact point and shoot" for EDC.
  • I'm a sucker for limited/special editions and the Street Edition is super sexy.
  • The OOC B&W samples I looked at blew me away.


  • OOC Jpegs are on par with, maybe better than, Fuji's. I am super impressed! IQ in general is great.
  • Ergonomics for one-handed operation. It's my first GR so I don't know how it compares to prior models, but for me it's been a good experience.
  • Snap focus is cool.
  • Menus are straightforward and make sense.
  • Mode dial. I definitely love Fuji's physical controls, but the GR User 1-3 modes are brilliant! Set it and forget it.


  • I knew going in that battery life wasn't great, but come on!
  • Autofocus. I also knew this would be a concern. I find the Auto-area AF mode to be acceptable; it seems on par with Fuji's more-or-less equivalent Zone AF. But Select AF is worthless. So far I've got it set to use Auto-area AF on shutter half-press, along with Full Press Snap, and Manual focus on the Fn button so I can quickly switch to manual focusing when desired (i.e. when AF doesn't focus on the right thing).
  • The in-camera RAW converter UI is a little weird--I find Fuji's to be more intuitive. I keep forgetting that I have to use different buttons depending on where I am in the options, and keep "accidentally" pressing OK and starting the conversion before I'm ready.

Don't care

  • Lack of flash. Meh.
  • Orange ring is "bad" for street photography. I love the color and styling and am not a "street photographer", so whatever.
  • Video. Never use it.
  • Heat. Haven't noticed it in actual use (as I turn it off to save battery).

Some shots

Thanks for reading,



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