28-70 F/2 or 24-105 F/4?

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Re: 28-70 F/2 or 24-105 F/4?

David Franklin wrote:

eyesofscars0311 wrote:

David Franklin wrote:

Nice shot of your dog, that I am sure you love like I do mine.

However, because I think you are offering this as a demonstration of the great bokeh and defocus possible with the 28-70 at f/2.0, I am afraid you have picked maybe the worst background possible for your example. The background looks horribly busy and distracting and would probably look that way if your maximum lens opening were f/4.0 or f/1.4 as well. Maybe the the 85 f/1.2 could have softened it up to look "creamy" but at f/2.0, this example does not fill me with confidence that the 28-70 is special with regards to bokeh. Try again with another shot using a better background. Please don't take this as an attack on your photo skill, your dog or the worth of the lens; it's just that you picked the wrong place to shoot your example.

No offense taken. No you are correct it's not going to have the isolation of a 1.2 obviously. However to say that shooting at 4.0 would have looked the same is just an ignorant statement.

I am also shooting at 70mm, if you were to simply crop that image even the effect would magnify drastically.

Furthermore I'm not here to talk you into any lens. You sound pretty confident with your knowledge so I would suspect you already know the kind of isolation a 2.0 offers in general.

I really don't like to argue with a particular person, but I didn't say "that shooting at 4.0 would have looked the same." What I said was that it wouldn't matter if you took that same photo at f/2.0 or f/4.0. In both cases the background would be annoyingly busy and distracting. The only reason I brought up the 85mm f/1.2 is that might be the only lens near the 70mm focal length that, at wide open, just might defocus the background enough to make it less distracting. Even then, the operative word in that sentence is "might," when the background you chose for your example was so inherently busy and distracting. It's the background, get it?

Your idea of isolation and mine are obviously much different. I isolate subjects, which clearly was accomplished in the photo.

Apparently in your eyes unless there is full blown bokeh balls then it's wrong.

I agree to disagree with you. I will move on now.

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