Are Cheap Monitors Really "Cheap"?

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Re: No need to spend that much!

Batdude wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

$110 for this ViewSonic with 99% sRGB coverage and IPS panel, more than good enough. Get one for each kid instead of worrying about pro monitors with coverage for color spaces your kids won't use.

Yes but I am a pro photographer so will I notice the difference?? I PP thousands of photos per year, this year almost zero processing due to no work, but the plan is that I too will be using the new monitor, if I end up liking it and I'll get one for myself of course, won't take it away from the kids hahaha

The expression "you get for what you pay" is usually true, but not always as I have experienced in many situations in my life and regarding certain computer monitors I think possibly that saying might not apply.

Regarding a built in calibration Is not needed because I already have an external spyder calibrator so I don't want to pay for stuff I don't truly need either. What I care about is color output quality and reliability.

So am I.  My main monitor is a 24" ASUS VC239H that I bought for $139 the first time and $100 the next time for a backup.  I've never calibrated either 

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