Why are Premium Full-Frame Bodies Shipping with Just Two Dials?

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Why are Premium Full-Frame Bodies Shipping with Just Two Dials?

I prefer to shoot in full manual whenever feasible. Not for pretentious "real photographers shoot manual" reasons, but rather because I enjoy taking control of the trade-off between all three exposure properties. Given this preference, I always see a camera with three dials as desirable.

So why do so many high-end cameras ship with two dials? Is this just not an issue with very convenient buttons to shift the function of these dials? Or is it a segmentation thing to preserve differentiation of top-end DSLRs? Is that third dial being pushed to lenses with user-selectable dial functions?

Canon's new R5 and R6 cameras have three ample dials, but their EOS R and EOS RP only sported two.

Nikon's Z cameras only offer two body dials.

Sony includes 3 programmable dials and an exposure comp dial on all their A7x bodies. Being Sony, of course it took four generations for those dials to become large and pleasant to use.

Fuji loves dials. Front dial, back dial, shutter dial, ISO dial, lens aperture dial, etc. DO YOU WANT MORE DIALS?

Panasonic's full frame bodies also exist and have three dials I guess.

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