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Re: Thorlabs Piezo stage for a Stack&Stitch system

vd Berg wrote:


On is information/support about stack systems, like (plug-and-play) Stackshot. But what about plug-and-play Thorlabs piezo stages?

With all respect, THK rail with Trinamic controller and 400 stepper motor is DIY and I find the piezo (open/close loop) topics at Photomacrography complex. Can it be explained simpler?

Who is using a Thorlabs piezo stage for a Stack&Stitch system?

(what) is there a technical problem with using a Thorlabs piezo stage for a S&S system?


The THK rails with a Trinamic based controller are not as easy to setup and use as the Stackshot, which along with the WeMacro is probably the best for P&P. The THK based setups are more DIY types, but not that difficult for someone with moderate electronic & mechanical skills.

I've never used the Thorlabs stages (only PI types), although I do have have a Thorlabs based stacking setup based upon their optical base and extrusions. My experience with Thorlabs stuff is it's 1st class lab quality, so suspect the piezo stages would be very good.


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