Backing up photos from MacBook to external hard drive

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Caveat on Using Time Machine

Re: Backing up photos from MacBook to external hard drive

I have been using Time Machine since 2009.
Issues I discovered and verified by the Geniuses at Apple Store:
1.  Time Machine Back-up created on  different versions of Apple OS are NOT COMPATIBLE.
Remedy:  Manually back-up files on DVD or External Drives.
. . . Note the source directory drive to enable proper installation of recovered files.
2.  Files from Time Machine canNOT be accessed (read and recovered) by Windows OS.
My OBSERVATION / Experience:
Every hard drive I purchased that is marked "For Apple and Windows" worked on Apple and Windows.  Document and photographs I transferred from an Apple computer are accessible, can be read on a Windows computer.  Unless "write protected" the files can be edited on either Operating Systems.  The converse is true for Windows to Apple files.
I refrain from FORMATTING any memory cards, thumb drives, hard drives . . . UNLESS I want to WIPE CLEAN any trace of files.  Rather than formatting, I just erase the unwanted files.
As already posted by others EX-FAT make the HD accessible to both Apple and Windows.
IF I MUST format,  I use the FULL FORMAT instead of a QUICK FORMAT.

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