For focus stacking, which is better?

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Re: For focus stacking, which is better?

mawyatt2002 wrote:

It's usually better to keep the camera and lens fixed and change the lens focus for magnifications less than 1X, and fix the focus and move the camera and lens for greater than 1X. Of course there's a big range around 1X that is good either way, and best to just test and see.

The change in perspective is the main issue when stacking is involved.

Hi Mike thanks for responding.

So if I am shooting a landscape which will be a lot smaller than 1x I can use the focus ring, and if I am shooting an insect with a macro lens where I am likely to be more than 1x I should use focussing rails?

About change in perspective, I don't fully understand that, but I am aware that each method changes the image a bit and probably differently.

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