Initial R5 thoughts after a few hours of use

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Re: Initial R5 thoughts after a few hours of use

Some more findings after using the camera a few more days:

1. I am really digging the SOOC files. I was never a huge fan of the R files because I always felt they had a bit of a green tint that was difficult to remove (similar to how Sony files tend to look), but I am not seeing it with the R5. I have found that most images can be made excellent with just a few minor adjustments.

2. The cropped 4K mode looks amazing and is actually the mode I have been using the most. It is almost as sharp as the full-sensor 4KHQ footage and has the added benefit of getting me closer to animals. I used it in conjunction with the 50mm and the IBIS made it look as smooth as my 24-105.

3. The animal AF is the real deal. It does an amazing job tracking moving animals. I even had some success tracking an iguana's eyes (though it wasn't as sticky as when it was tracking birds).

4. The camera does get warm in the Florida sun (though that is to be expected with temps approaching 110).

5. High ISO images are unexpectedly clean. ISO 12800 on the R5 looks almost as good as ISO 3200 on the R and ISO 6400 on the Nikon D750. I don't know if it is the amount of noise or simply how the noise looks, but the images look much cleaner than I was expecting.

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