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Ask the studio what colorspace the scan is in

hhhhhhhh wrote:


As a photographer, I always work in ProPhoto 16-bit and I print all my photos that way and they came out fantastic.

Now, as a painter, I gave my paintings to the studio to scan it and they returned it in a high resolution (tens of thousands of pixels on each side), but the color space wasn't assigned, and it was 8 bit TIFF.

A scan in RGB will be in some sort of colorspace most likely sRGB if untagged and not otherwise specified. But it could be something else. It might even be in native scanner RGB space like a raw desktop scan that hasn't internally been converted to something else like Adobe RGB. If the latter (in some sort of raw rgb) then the studio should have a profile you can first attach to the image from which you can then convert to a standard working space like ProPhoto. If the former then you need to find out from the studio which one and assign that colorspace to the image. Then you can convert it to whatever you desire assuming the gamut is sufficient.

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