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Re: Color Space for scans

You will need someone more versed in print than I am to give you the finer details of technology, but when ink hits paper , even coated stock , there is what is called dot gain .

Think fountain pen  ink on loo paper !  This will eventually diminish detail and the creation of a theoretical " perfect print" in dots. Add to that the spray ability of the inkjet and you might offer a certain resolution .... but never see it .  I print A2 in either 300 or 600 DPI , and I manage to convince myself that there is an improvement in the higher res. Beyond offering my Canon 12 cartridge A2 inkjet 600 DPI files , I fear it is a lost cause.Your 5 x increase in image size combined with the concepts mentioned above would make me think you are shouting at thunder above 300 DPI.   I would suggest 18,000 pixels along the long end is about fine for your usage. .... ( AKA 300 DPI)  and you could survive quite well at half that.

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