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Ken60 wrote:

Firstly NEVER assign a profile. Always convert TO a profile. I can not see why you would want such a high pixel count file for printing , I would think it could become more of a hassle than an advantage.... unless of course your prints are going over a very large hoarding.

If you intention is to work with " normal " size A1 or A2 sized prints , I would convert to 16 bit and convert to colour space, dust spot the images then make any adjustments before resizing to the print size at no more than 600 ppi . ..... or 720 for Epson . Keep your Originals backed up somewhere safe , but use your newly converted files for repro.

The conversion from 8 bit to 16 is a bit of a lie and you might still have to watch how far you go with big changes to contrast .

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I realized later there is a difference between assign and convert, so I converted

The original painting is 11x14in and I plan to print it at 60in, so I want to make sure all dust, hair and micro scratches are removed, as they'll become apparent once enlarged 5 times.

After my original post, I converted it to ProPhoto, 16bit, to make sure I get the maximum quality. The file size is quite big - around 50gb, but I'm afraid to sacrifice the quality over the file size, because the storage is the least problem. Also, my computer can handle this file fairly well. I disabled PSB compression in Photoshop, so it opens within 10-12 seconds, and saves in around 15-20.

No problems at all with this file, except I'm used to work with photos of max 2-3GB (when I'm doing something complicated that requires lots of layers), so it feels heavy just looking at that number.

Also, I want to have the max quality, because I think this will be the last time I'll digitize my old paintings. Last time I did it 10 years ago, with the scanner I had at home and it cannot compare to this one. I probably won't need anything larger than this ever.

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