Twitter hackers arrested

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Carey Brown
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Re: Twitter hackers arrested

wklee wrote:

Patco wrote:

kelpdiver wrote:

it's hard to feel any sympathy for those who would fall for such a stupid scam.

Normally, one would think "send me $1,000 and I'll send you $2,000" is too obvious a scam for anyone to fall for, but apparently, there were people who actually sent the scammers money.
In addition to anti-virus, anti-malware, etc., what is needed is an anti-stupidity scanner.

I've had a hoax happen to me years ago indirectly. Someone used my email, and others' emails, for a prize, a non existent Sony Ericsson laptop for 20 email addresses and for a lesser quantity of emails, a discontinued Sony Ericsson phone. It's a hoax and I honestly cannot understand how people can fall for it.

Just look at U.S. elections, people fall for all kinds of things. Sadly, teaching critical thinking is not a priority in our school systems.

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