Dropped GX85

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Dropped GX85

Daughter in law dropped her GX85 quite some time ago and I have had it in my custody for a prospective repair.

There is not a scratch on the camera but the sensor has been somehow dislodged and jammed by the shock. I will not jitter about when lightly shaken, as it should, but resolutely stays fixed - slightly off centre.

Starting the camera results in a short pause then the message “switch the camera off then on again” (repeat forever).

I have the service manual and some rudimentary skills. But I am reluctant to delve to deep as if I remove (or even move) any of a certain three adjustment screws a bit of proprietary set up equipment Is necessary to re-align the sensor afterwards. Furthermore the sensor appears to be a sealed unit if I do get that far.

It seems for all the world like the sensor reached the end of its travel and has become stuck - otherwise it has jumped off one or more retaining springs and “has become stuck”.

I have tried some reasonable firm smacks against the butt of my hand - but it does not wish to unstick itself (if that is the problem). I am also unwilling to strip the camera down for a possible repair as I may not get the the base of the problem without removing the above-mentioned screws.

As a drop with a camera unfortunately happens from time to time and now most cameras have IBIS suspended sensors I wonder if there has been a procedure developed to cope with a stuck IBIS sensor. It is not something that can be forcibly pried back into place from the front. Perish the thought.

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Tom Caldwell

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85
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