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Lightest wrote:

my current equipment consists of:
- X70 with WCL-X70
- X-T1 with XF23/2, XF18-55/2.8-4 and XC50-230
- X100V
Since the original X100 the models of this series are my main camera.

Between the sale of the X100F and the arrival of the X100V I rediscovered my X70 - small, light and sharp at open aperture ;-).

With all the improvements of the X100V, it has become a bit strange to me, the menus are getting more and more complex, pure photography is becoming less.

In addition, we moved from the city to the coast and I somehow can't get the otherwise very familiar 23mm of the X100 to work properly.

Now I want to sell parts and reduce to two cameras:
- X70/WCL-X70 and X-T2 with XF16-80, XC50-230
- X100V and X-T1 with XF16-80, XC50-230
- X-E3 and X-T2 with XF16/2.8, XF35/2, XF18-55, XC50-230

I'm grateful for food for thought...

Examples on flickr

it might sound weird,i was a professional photographer on Nikon FF,i stopped as i jad another opportunity in another area and im so happy with the x100v and its converter lenses as i only use it for travel landscape and portraiture...Had a x100 always on me sonce the original...

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