Lenses for closeup photography (mushrooms, plants, flowers)

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About spiders...

Rol Lei Nut wrote:

richj20 wrote:

Rol Lei Nut wrote:

For insects, etc., you'd probably be better off with a 90/100mm macro lens rather than a 50/60mm one, because it allows more distance from your subject and allows for flexibility for lighting.

I've had good success photographing insects with Sony's 50mm Macro lens.

All below using Sony's HVL-F20M Flash

- Richard

Sure, you *can* get good photos with a 50mm, but I'd rather keep a little extra distance from your spider...

There is really nothing to fear from these widow spiders, both the brown and black.

The brown is an introduced species, and here in southern California, it is not considered a dangerous species.The black widow gets a lot of bad press, but is really quite shy. I've moved a stick towards one on its web, and it quickly scampers up into its nest.

Catherine Scott, an arachnologist at the University of Toronto who has researched black widows for years, writes that the black widow just wants to be left alone!

Their bites are defensive, and problems occur when someone inadvertently touches one when reaching into a small place, especially in garages, or sits on one (ouch!)

My reason for using 50mm is that the lens is also my normal lens. It's permanently mounted on one of my cameras and goes with me most everywhere, always ready for photographing flowers, which is my primary interest. I don't normally go looking for insects, but when they are around flowers I'm looking at, well, they most often pose nicely for a portrait!

The spiders are quite prolific this summer in my garden, and several brown widows have made nests in my cedar fence posts. Here is one sitting at the entrance to her nest.


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