35mm battle Nikon Z 35 vs fuji?

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Just out of curiosity, anyone has or had both Fuji XF 23mm f1.4 and Nikon Z 35mm f1.8?

If yes is the bokeh better on the fuji? I mean is it creamier or both can be busy with some background?

I have both of these lenses. The Nikon is better, no question.

From a technical sense, the Nikon has a larger aperture (19mm vs. 16mm) and the same angle of view--so the Nikon already starts with a thinner DoF and less busy background. Don't let the F-number fool you--it's about the absolute aperture = "equivalent f-number" (which would make the Fuji equivalent to a Nikon 35mm F/2.1).

I don't define bokeh as being just about out-of-focus areas--it's the difference between what's in focus and what's out of focus. So sharper lenses tend to have better bokeh. And the Nikon is clearly sharper wide open.

The Nikon is clearly better. If you want, I can post some comparisons later.

I'll agree the Nikon is superior lens overall.

However, "better" bokeh is a qualitative impression of the out of focus area, judged as being more pleasing. You're describing the effect of a very narrow DOF (which is not typical use of a wide angle). And from what I have experienced, sharpness has nothing to do with how smooth the out of focus areas are. I'm sure someone much more experienced than I can opine on that.

The Nikon bokeh can be a bit nervous at times. But I personally wouldn't judge a 35mm based primarily on what is out of focus. Especially since that is more to do with camera-subject-background distance relationships.

The can of works have been opened.

I don't know how you read that I was talking about DoF as being the same as bokeh. I literally just explained why this is not the case just above. In fact, when you talk about "nervous bokeh," you are probably conflating DoF for bokeh.

So let me now illustrate it.

Both of these lenses have the same aperture and the same DoF (the first is from the 35mm F/1.8S, but the other is not the Fuji--these are past images I've taken for comparisons):

Again: both have the same aperture and technical DoF.

But the sharper one (the Nikon) happens to have "superior" bokeh, in part because it is sharper. Your eye gets drawn to the sharp part; and simultaneously, the out of focus areas blend and fade away smoothly and without harsh transitions from blur to nothing. In the second image, everything is sort of muddled together, and it's not even clear what is in focus vs. what is out of focus.  Additionally, there is no smooth transition of blur.

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