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Digital Teleconverter isn't the only way to get 1200mm

Henry Richardson wrote:

Sometimes just for grins I use the Olympus 75-300mm II with the 2x digital teleconverter function for fun jpegs. What it does is take the central 25% of the image (5mp in the case of the 20mp PEN-F) and then interpolates it up to full size. The EVF shows the image you will get. At 300mm it would be equivalent to a 600mm field of view. Of course, the quality is not the same as a real 600mm, but I have found that if I then downsize the 20mp photo to 10-12mp on my computer it usually looks pretty darn good. For some images even the full 20mp looks good. Just a few years ago 10-12mp was living large. Big enough for most uses still. Note, that if you shoot raw instead of jpeg you can still see the pseudo 600mm view in the EVF, but then you will have to crop the raw on your computer to the central 25% and then upsize. Remember, 600mm on m4/3 is like 1200mm on FF. Pretty awesome.

Remember that you must have excellent support to shoot at the pseudo 1200mm. I have shot in good light handheld though and by holding very steady (elbows on a support) and the IBIS I have managed some pretty good results.

And, yes, I know, this sort of thing gets some people's panties in a twist. Only the best, most expensive gear that has been blessed by the pixel peeping, techno geek, measurebators is good enough for them! For the rest of us though it is a fun thing to do and the results are often pretty good.

I will post a few examples. 1500 pixels on the long side. Some have a bit of cropping so more like 1300mm, 1400mm, or even 1500mm! EXIF included.

Please feel free to post your telephoto shots using the Olympus or Panasonic digital teleconverter function in this thread.

Click on original to see a better, sharper image. The photos in a dpreview thread are highly compressed and soft.

I am using an Olympus EM1 with an Onlympus 75-300, along with Topaz's Gigapixel AI followed by Sharpen AI - Stabilize mode. Digital 2x in camera is convenient. But resizing the image in post processing can outdo what the camera can do.

The original (unprocessed)

The cropped and processed version using Gigapixel AI and Sharpen AI - Stabilize Mode.

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