RO109-1A - adapted to m42

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Re: RO109-1A - adapted to m42

PhotosByHall wrote:

Hi all,

I was looking at this guy's 10 fave lenses and he uses a Russian projection lens that opens to f1.2 and has a lot of 'character'.

There's loads of them adapted to m42 on ebay and they aren't too expensive. Are they likely to focus to infinity on a Canon M camera? I understand they won't work on FF.

Any other pitfalls I need to be aware of?


Suppose it doesn't cover all the FF sensor. Do you crop? Let's say your do, about 1.2 to 1.5 factor. Then the f1.2 looks as an f1.8 to f1.4 FF would. Why no use an f1.4 FF lens in the first place? Maybe you like the character. Make sure it's the character you like and not the speed, unless if you have to use APSC, in which case this may work out.

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