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Photo Pete wrote:

ShenYL wrote:

metaldood wrote: looks like a decent solution?

Another point to note, is that the support must be in front of the Centre of Gravity, else you will not be able to balance the lens+camera - see the insert.

The Sigma lens collar support area is very near the lens end and you must use any place further from the collar rubber ring.

Other than weight and size and positioning, this should work well.


Personally, if someone can afford a £3400 A7Riv and £899 Sigma 100-400 I don’t see the problem with just buying the official Sigma £130 lens collar and foot rather than cheaping out and spending £30-£40 on one of these makeshift solutions. They seem bulky and don’t support the lens as easily or efficiently when switching between portrait and landscape mode.
Not criticising the ingenuity of the solution, I just don’t see the £130 as a big barrier given the disposable income which is evident from being able to buy the lens and camera in the first place.

If the lens didn’t have a collar and foot available for it at all then that would be a completely different matter.

I see your point clearly, the money is never an issue as a consideration.

I started this solution 5 years ago, and have grown to love it and seemingly innovated upon it, till it fits my precise traveling needs.

The weight of just the collar is more than my complete solution, which is the critical criteria when I started out 5 years ago. And it is still as I have aged 5 years more now.

The storage space while traveling is another criteria.

Bi-annually before the COVID-19, I will spent 21 days in an oversea trip with my wife for our relaxation and of course my photography. Each trip average up to about USD 8,000. Annually USD 16,000, for both myself and my wife. We have been doing this since 2006, and still intending to do it as long as we can move around. Just a ballpark figure we have spent around USD 200,000 so far.

Do you think it is a reason of cost? By no means, it is weight!
That is why I never hesitate to jump from A6000 to A7R2 when it launch.
I did hesitate to jump from A7R2 to R3 when it was launched, as there is no gain in resolution.
Again I was the very early owner from A7R2 to A7R4.
Why - the cost of those trips I am paying, I should not sting on my equipment.

So it is really not a cost issue, rest assured, but good practical solution, light weight, flexible (able to get the Centre of Gravity) for my full range of gears.

Same one QR plate with a clamp is all I needed for my 16-35mm, Samyang AF 18mm, 24-105mm, Tamron 24 mm, Sony 70-350mm APSC, Sigma 100-400mm, Sony 24-240mm (Now hibernating in my electric dry cabinet for 3 years already). And soon also for the to be announce Tamron 70-300mm.

That is flexibility.

As I mentioned, it is really my sincere hope it could help someone who is considering an alternative, tested for 5 years now.

Please look thru these pictures and what they can be used for.

I am not rich, but do believes in spending money where it counts.

Sorry if I sound rude, my apologies. Cheers.

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