28-70 F/2 or 24-105 F/4?

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Re: 28-70 F/2 or 24-105 F/4?

Here, just having some fun after getting home from work...




Note the shutter speed, ISO, and background blur differences between just f/4 and f/2. The F/4 shot is more "boring" compared to the f/2 shot where I can isolate the subject and blow away the background that doesn't mesh.



If you go by PCMag, the 28-70 is a stronger resolution resolver if you go by just the numbers and ignore their comments and summary which contradict the numbers, funny how things can get spun/perceived differently despite the facts saying otherwise...

BTW, I choose PCMag, because they are in fact the only folks to both imatest both in house. Folks have either tested one, or the other, not both. It's best to compare apples to apples with the same tester when dealing with metrics. Comparing imatests from one person to another, can sometimes be misrepresenting.

I stand corrected, a French site has too (both benchmarked in house)

Google translate / Chrome is your friend here...



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