HiFi-High Fidelity in Photography

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And more

Great explanations and points, to add to that.

Surprisingly, many audio recordings have intentional NOISE added to them to make them sound better. Granted, it is not random street noise, usually white noise, red noise, etc to enhance certain aural effects. So the "Hi-Fi" reproduction sounds better but that is NOT how it actually was even with studio recordings. Many a times the unintentional noise of the musician is removed, such as heavy breathing or moving or clothes rustling that would have blended in imperceptible into the "natural" or "faithful reproduction". Live recordings of opera remove the foot steps of actors, or the props banging that would have been ok during a live performance to see on stage but make no sense in a recorded medium since they are decontextualized. All that.

I think consensus is pretty clear, no reproduction actually means to be a reality, all are augmented in some sort for some reason to a various degree of success.

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