28-70 F/2 or 24-105 F/4?

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The "Digital Picture" said the improvement in the RF 24-105 was slight compared to the EF:

"How sharp is the Canon RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM Lens?"  "Quite sharp" is the answer, about the same as or slightly better than the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L II lens.

The image quality comparison between these two lenses shows mostly similarities. The RF lens is slightly sharper with very slightly less linear distortion and the EF lens has less vignetting.

Personally I liked the EF 24-105, but I shot primarily at f8 - f16 on a tripod with subject matter not sensitive to distortion. I have the RF 24-105 on order and would have chosen it over the RF 28-70 even if they were the same price. 24mm is MUCH more important to me than f2. And weight is very important as I'm carrying it for many miles. I shoot primarily landscapes. If I were shooting portraits it would be a whole different story. So consider your intended purpose (of course).

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