Backing up photos from MacBook to external hard drive

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Have been Transferring File between MBP & External Drives Regularly

RE: Backing up photos from MacBook to external hard drive

I own a 2019 MacBookPro constructed like a MacBook Air, equipped with two USB Thunderbolt ports, NO SD card reader and NO USB-3.0 socket.
I also own a 2009 MacBookPro equipped with DVD drive, two USB-2 ports, Firewire but NO USB Thunderbolt port. Connecting the External Drive to the 2009 USB port allows file transfer between the MacBookPro and External Drive.
Assuming your external hard-drive is USB-2 or USB-3, it cannot be connected directly to your MacBookAir UNLESS you use an Adapter (USB-3 to USB-Thunderbolt). My adapter is shown in the attached photos.

I purchased from Amazon for $30.00 in Dec 2019 - - - just Google "USB C Hub, 6 in 1 Type C Hub Adapter, MacBook Pro 2020"

Verify the USB-C (Thunderbolt) ports of your MacBookAir


You can use drag & drop to transfer files selectively or by entire folder or any of the methods you use in Windows. You can also transfer photo from SD cards, Thumb drives or between two external hard drives. I use one of the USB-3 port for hand-held mouse.
Good luck

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