Are Cheap Monitors Really "Cheap"?

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Re: Are Cheap Monitors Really "Cheap"?


Monitors can vary a lot, but I think the bottom end is now pretty decent.

What you will pay more for is:

1. size (not as much as before)

2. resolution (4k)

3. viewing angle (IPS?)

4. color gamut ($$$$)

5. calibration built-in ($$$$)

If you are critical about color accuracy in your editing and especially if you need a 4k wide gamut, then you are probably looking at over $1000 for a decent 24" or larger monitor.

I definitely don't require 4K. As for IPS this ViewSonic VP2468 is IPS yet it only costs less than $300.

However, if you can get by with reduced resolution (2k, HDMI cabling), you can get a nice monitor really cheap these days. I bought two 24 inch Acer monitors last year for my fiance, and they have been great! Office applications, not photo editing, but I did calibrate them with my Xrite, and both were very very close to nominal sRGB right out of the box. (The most accurate I've seen.)

$108 each, last year. Now they are about $109 at Amazon:

Wow that's a low price. As I said, I have been looking at the more expensive BenQ SW270C but to be honest I have no clue what I'm actually paying for since I have no two monitors side by side.  I guess I can just purchase both and return one after to put them side by side and decide then.

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