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Anyone have any experience with the MJKZZ Qool Rail 250, WeMacro, StackShot or other automated rails, pros/cons, reservations, recommendations, thoughts on controllers and operating software, calculation software, bracketing/stacking issues, reviews, sources of information, etc.? Thanks in advance. website quote “This Ultra Rail is already fully assembled and ready to use! With the 2mm pitch it offers the best precision and highest quality. It is completely wobble-free and super stable and together with the included MJKZZ stand alone IR remote controller the minimum step size is 0.078125 μm (yes, it's really μm, so 0.000078125 mm) and can be used for magnifications up to 100x!” (

con: the owner of mjkzz and administrator of the facebook group "extreme makro & mikro fotografie", Daniel Pusch, plays on the person at the facebook group, erases the topic from the facebook group and deletes the memborship of the facebook group, if asked for the camera+tube lens+objective for testing former maximum magnification and former minimum step size.

Yes it says that, but there is no way the rail nor controller can achieve anything close to that minimum step size.

We have the MJKZZ controllers, actually have 3 I think, they are OK but we don't use them. The Trinamic based controllers mentioned are at another level of performance, and coupled with a THK KR20 with 1mm pitch thread and a quality 400 step motor is about as good as you can get with stepper based focus rail systems.


Hi Mike,

Thanks. Concerning Stack&Stich systems.

Can you tell in which (sub)micron step range and in which magnification range are best used:

-(plug-n-play) Cognisys Stackshot;

-(DIY) THK rail (KR15, KR20, KR26) with Trinamic controller (TMC5130, 5160, 5072) and with 400 stepper motor;

-Thorlabs Piezo Resonant Stages and Mounts;


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