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Gerry Siegel
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Re: The not out of bounds analogy. There is a connection .

bill winslow hansen wrote:

Gerry Siegel wrote:

I listen to music. I take pictures. I have a natural love of both. What is similar?

- snobbery as to the quality of the gear itself. - constant pursuit of an elusive goal.

( headphones with the rare earth cones blah blah. Lenses with the fluorite elements and the red dot camera.) No judgment on what one drives or shoots, but some do make such judgment. It is what it is.

Elitism and nothing more than that .

I understand it better. Now.

When I was a wee teen shelving books at Copley library, officious supervisor asked me what I shot with back then. A half frame no name well scuffed that I bought at a pawn shop.

Hmm , "well I shoot with Linhof." Ach du lieber. Himmelherrgottkreuzdonnerwetter , we bow reverently. Funny looking back.

And yet, and yet, bigger is still better- what do you know?.

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