Rolling Shutter VS FPS confusion

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Re: Rolling Shutter VS FPS confusion

Currantos wrote:

Thank you for the response, I guess it is different for different people and I definitely am not good enough to catch peak action with single shots and have to use faster FPS to catch it. Perhaps with practice and time, for now it is "gun the shutter" approach that is needed for me.

I have not had luck with anything slower than 1/250, hands and feet will be blurry and slightly indistinct. At 1/125 there is enough blur to make the pictures a little nauseating in my opinion on jumps or turns and looks smudgy.

Some of it could be explained perhaps by distance? I have not seen your site, will look later. Shooting from far away is easier on the blurriness as the relative distance traveled by the object is smaller. Shooting up close is much tougher to catch sharp. So if the blur is 3 pixels with 300mm and 15 pixels with 50mm shots they will look very different.

I generally use shorter focal length. My web page is no longer functional however here are a few samples from my DPR gallery

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