28-70 F/2 or 24-105 F/4?

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Re: 28-70 F/2 or 24-105 F/4?

Mark S. Johnson wrote:

My R-5 should be available Saturday, but I can't shoot with it. I have a bunch of EF L lenses, but the adapter is backordered. So, I'm considering ordering an RF lens to let me play a bit.

My older EF 24-105 F/4 L (version I) got lots of use because of the versatility of the zoom range. That said, it was always my least-favorite lens for image quality. I was considering upgrading it to the Version II lens, but never saw any compelling reviews to tell me it was a whole lot better.

So, I'm reading good reviews of both the RF 28-70 F/2 and the 24-105 F/4. I understand the differences in aperture, weight and zoom range....oh, and cost!

But what is the actual difference in IQ between the two?

I recently closed my photography/video production business, so this stuff is no longer a writeoff for me. Still, though, if the 28-70 has superior IQ by more than a little bit, I would probably go for it.

More light equals a cleaner image, so it's not just the sheer performance of the glass as the basic specs put the 28-70 f/2 in another league vs an f/4 zoom. If you have to shoot at 12800 ISO with the f/4 you can drop to 3200 ISO with the f/2. Huge image quality bump just from the ISO's you'd be using.

As far as optical quality goes stopped down it's sharp literally to the last pixel in the corners. I just shoot wide open most of the time, but when you stop down it enters modern prime territory very quickly.

The bokeh is also elite level as you'd expect.

The AF is also fantastic and will track movement reliably.

But for me, I just like the look, the reliability of the AF at f/2, and the consistent never let you down performance.

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