White Balance - Before or After Bayer Demosaicing?

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Re: White Balance - Before or After Bayer Demosaicing?

xpatUSA wrote:

isks wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

Is there a Standard?

Failing that, is there a norm?

Which is "best"?

TIA ...

Reading through the DNG SDK (which should be a fairly close match to how Adobe Camera Raw processes RAWs), white balance is applied when converting the demosaiced RAW into the ProPhoto RGB space for further processing: the function in question (RefBaselineABCtoRGB()) takes a camera white coordinate in RAW signals and a color conversion matrix and produces an RGB image.

Thanks, I've seen that sequence in a couple of published pipelines.

I'd imagine other RAW converters would do something similar: demosaicing is essentially a local operation.


Sorry - after thinking about it my last comment doesn't really make sense.

As Jack Hogan says, strictly speaking the order doesn't matter, but IMO it simply makes slightly more sense to separate the RAW channel operations from the color space operations, and with the combined white balance + RGB conversion, you effectively assign a color space to the RAW channels and then immediately transform it into RGB.

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