5D mark IV vs R6 vs R5

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Re: 5D mark IV vs R6 vs R5

Geronimo73 wrote:

Silly question but even if there's no lag on ovf, there's still a lag between the moment you push the button and the photo is taken,no ?

Does this latter lag is the same between 5D4 and R5/R6 ?

For sport/BIF shoot you get better fps and tracking with R5/R6 so better chance to get it right, no ?

Latency between what you see and the time for the brain to process it is different from reaction times. 
Our body can intuitively adjust for reaction times naturally. Yes, this has been, and can be debated to great lengths, mostly because MLC users are very sensitive when someone criticizes mirrorless disadvantages.

Yes, you can adjust over time to get used to the latency of an EVF, however for some people, myself included, the latency is noticeable, and not the same as an OVF.

EVF technology still has room for improvement and as a whole, mirrorless should work on improving overall latency in the system. When that will happen? No one knows, could be years, could be decades, could be never!

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