Rolling Shutter VS FPS confusion

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Currantos wrote:

One thing I am confused with about EFCS. If the sensor starts the exposure all over

The sensor doesn't start the exposure all over. The pixel lines are activated sequentially, at the same speed the mechanical shutter will use when it closes.

and then mechanical shutter terminates the exposure, wouldn't the far side of the sensor see light for longer since it takes time for the shutter to traverse?

No, but there are in fact possible consequences of EFCS caused by the difference in the planes of the two shutters. In some cases the appearance of objects in a blurred background can be distorted. In other cases there can be uneven exposure across the frame. However, these things are only a concern at very high shutter speeds, say in excess of 1/2000s.

For your situation, I assume the major drawback of EFCS is that it's not silent, which will be an issue with every shot you take.

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