Rolling Shutter VS FPS confusion

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Currantos wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

If objectionable rolling shutter effects actually appear in some of the results, perhaps mild ones can be mitigated in PP.

Could you explain how to mitigate mild shutter rolling shutter effects in post? I have never heard or seen anyone attempt to do that. So if I dancer's arm is bent due to rolling shutter I can unbend it? Same with other things?

The feasibility of mitigating mild rolling shutter effects would depend on the specific effects that appear. Indeed, I might be able to unbend a dancer's arm if it's not too distorted, using manipulation tools in Photoshop. Same with other things. (I should make it clear that this requires some tools and skills that not all photographers have.)

Sounds unreasonably complex and I won't ever be able to deliver more than 2 images that way when they expect hundreds to choose from.

Probably true, but it might not be necessary to deliver more than two that way. My point is that if I had to use an electronic shutter to do the job and only a small percentage of shots showed anything objectionable, I could perhaps mitigate those effects in that small percentage.

Hmm, still no fool proof solution.

No, not foolproof.

I will try electronic first curtain and report back

With what camera? What sensor readout speed?

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