Rolling Shutter VS FPS confusion

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Settings and other

For the most part, I find myself light limited so compromises have to be made.

I prefer 1/400-1/1000, but will accept 1/250. Slower than that feet/hands start looking mushy.

I will be trying out the Z6 and hopefully it works?

One thing I am confused with about EFCS. If the sensor starts the exposure all over and then mechanical shutter terminates the exposure, wouldn't the far side of the sensor see light for longer since it takes time for the shutter to traverse? But then there are illustrations of the "reading row of pixels" running ahead of the edge of the shutter so maybe that is how it works. Then the problem is less I guess.

Ultimately, I don't have to fully understand something to be able to use it well, just practice and experience and advise from others that figured it out.

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