Why is it hard to get 5D4 shutter count ?

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Our method to track camera shots taken

We've using this method for many, many years now with every new camera since my EOS 20D was brand new.

I import into Lightroom and have created custom Filename templates using their Filename Template Editor. Put a 0 at the beginning for the first 9999, then edit it / make a new template every time you reach the 10,000th additional photo. So the first digit becomes a 1, then a 2, etc. Our naming convention is made as such and we currently use a 7D converted to infrared, a 5D3, and our second 5DSR. To start with a new camera:

(^ indicates a menu selection from the LR options and _ indicates a space)

0 Filename number suffix^_Date (MM)^_Date (YYYY)^_Kopperhead (our trademark)

So an imported file reads as such: 09436 08 2020 Kopperhead

An added benefit is that the file name also serves as a copyright notice. 8-)

One new issue that came up was when a fall in a stream destroyed our 5DSR, so the question came up as to whether to continue the 5DSRnumbering or start over with the new camera. We choose to start over, as that's how/why we keep a running number of shots from each camera.


5DSR 09436 08 2020 Kopperhead

5D3 73631 07 2020 Kopperhead

7Dir is at 07038ir 04 2020 Kopperhead (yes, we added "ir" to the file name)

This has worked for us for many years, and hope it might help someone else.


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