room temp developing e6? possible?

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Re: room temp developing e6? possible?

Autonerd wrote:

Bill Thoo wrote:

That sounds right. Given little to no advice or experience described about low temp E6 developing I'm wondering if it's just a dead end. Unfortunately not a cheap or very accessible experiment to run...

I've been staying away from color developing because of temperature concerns, but I just saw a video showing someone using tap water for the bath for his film. I always figured I'd need a sous vide thingie, but I checked my tap water and it comes out well above 120 degrees F -- more than enough for color processing. So I'm thinking it won't be too hard to nail the temperatures. Haven't been real pleased with the labs I've used so I figure why not give it a try?


I am also staying away from color developing, though the time it is taking to get film back, I may try C41. But for E6, been there done that, so much easier with an automatic processor. I have used reel based and dip and dunk processors. The E4 & E6 slides I have hand processed in high school and college haven't lasted as well as ones I had lab processed from the same time, then there is Kodachrome which is on another level.

I use water baths for b&w processing, I don't have an air conditioned house, so temperature varies. I generally run water at approximately the temp I want into a 2 liter graduate, then fill a restaurant bussing tray I have my chemicals it, depending on the ambient temperature I may make it a little hotter or colder. So in the end I have 3 2 litler graduates at the same themperature and the chemcals are close. Since I use diluted one shot b&w developer the temperature remains stable across the process.

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