Tonality in Terms of Possible Gray Scale Values (Bit Depth).

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Tonality in Terms of Possible Gray Scale Values (Bit Depth).

A 16 bit depth for camera cells is common these days and possibly 14 of those 16 bits are used for tonality. That means 64K different possible values.

It must be acceptable to most photographers, as the desire for say, 32-bit depth, is rarely begged for, but is available in some post production software, usually with regard to color tonality memory addressing. 32 bits, if say, only 24 were used, translates to around 16.8 million possible values. The human eye can hardly differentiate that, even over a high mp resolution.

The fineness of a photograph in black and white is strictly determined by the the gray scale bit depth and the resolution of the image (mp).

The fineness of a photograph in color is determined by the bit depth and resolution of the image, but applied to possible colors, not just grayscale.

In film emulsions, gray scale and color tonality might be considered extremely fine as its values are not discrete and limited by a fixed digital metric. The values are analog.

Photographers are more often than not concerned with mp resolution than ramping up bit depth.

As it would appear that a film emulsion might produce finer gradations of tonality than the 14 bit digital discrete limit, I would like to press the question whether there are some photographers who are not happy with the 14 bit tonality limit and for fine art photography, would still prefer film, or a 32 bit depth camera?

Seriously, with cameras peaking over 45mp, would a 24 bit depth tonality produce a visible and desirable increase the fineness of photographic images?

Is it possible that future 35mm cameras will evolve to 32 bit?

What significance would a 32-bit depth play in terms of noise reduction?

What significance would a 32-bit depth play in large prints?

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