Sold G80/G85, moved back to E-M10 MK2

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Sold G80/G85, moved back to E-M10 MK2

These are just my personal experiences and are probably unique, it is not meant to convince anyone.

After using a E-M10 II for 1.5 years I decided it was time for a change/upgrade. One of the main reasons for doing so was the mediocre video quality of the E-M10 II. While it offers plenty of options, none of the modes give really excellent results. I didn't want 4K perse, but I was looking for good 1080p.

So far, the majority of shots were indoors in less-than-ideal lighting using the 20 1.7 and Oly 45 1.8 primes, in addition to older adapted Nikon glass.

The G80/G85 seemed a good option for me, as it is one of the first Panasonic bodies with good IBIS. Another important reason for moving was that the 20 1.7 pancake behaves a bit better on a Panasonic body.

Now, after 6 months or so of using the G80, I discovered a few things.

- I hated the Fully Articulating Screen most of the time. (Although it was quite useful when recording vlogs during the Corona lockdown, I have to say). The FAS always seemed in the wrong position, and taking candid shots is not as easy.

- Size of the body. With the E-M10 MK2 I sometimes used the additional grip, but often I slipped it without the grip in my jacket (combined with the 20 1.7). Hard to do this with the G80.

- Looks of the body. The G80 never inspired me.

- The sensor is not better than the one in the E-M10 2, which surprised me a bit (am talking about noise levels). It might actually be a bit less, according to my totally unscientific tests by taking the same shot in RAW on ISO 1600 and comparing these.

- AEL lock on half-press. Sometimes I half-press and then re-compose just slightly. The strange thing is that the G80 will adapt the lightning changes on the screen, but will not change the exposure. A lot of times this resulted in under- or overexposed images. I know this can worked around using the separate AEL button, but since I got used to the Olympus I kept struggling with this.

- I think I prefer the JPEG colors on the Olympus.

- Digital teleconverter (where you use the central sensor area in 1080p) for movies can not be activated during movie recording. I used this a lot on the E-M10 MK2, esp. with the 20 1.7.

- The G80 is faster overall, in almost all areas.

- The G80 has a better EVF and rear display.

- The dials on the G80 don't feel as nice as the ones on the E-M10 II. And in general, while the G80 is weather-sealed, the feel of the E-M10 II is more dense (for me).

- The shutter of the G80 is very, very quiet. Snip-Snip instead of CLACK-CLACK. But I usually use the electronic shutter.

- I would say the IBIS is roughly equal.

- 1080p is definitely better on the G80 but I also discovered I am not a video guy. Movie clips have become less and less important for me, and my phone also can do decent clips. The G80 seems to be more targeted for video than for stills.

- The 20 1.7 behaves better on the G80, but is still far from perfect (focus-wise). The way I used to shoot with it on the E-M10 II (always half-press first) was still the best way on the G80.

After my holiday, in which I shot around 1000 pictures with the G80, I decided to sell the camera. Not because it is a bad camera - it isn't - but because I did not like it enough. The fun fact is that I even made 50 euros profit on it. Yesterday I bought a silver E-M10 II for 150 euros less than what I sold the G80 for, and it even included a mint 40-150 R which I will sell since I already have one.

And I immediately felt at home again.

Sometimes there is more than the sum of specifications, because I know that based on that, the G80 is superior in almost every way.

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