Venice - early in the morning - B&W

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Re: Venice - early in the morning - B&W

snappyden wrote:

Tom Axford wrote:

I particularly like 2, 3 and 4 in the fog.

However, my personal taste is for much less local contrast enhancement/sharpening.

Thanks Tom. Here they are SOC.


That's a big improvement, for the last two especially.  The last one is particularly nice and very realistic, with an excellent sense of depth due to the fog.

The first one still shows disconcerting halos around the lamp posts and the two people in the foreground. It also shows much more noise than the other images.  It appears to have been processed much more than the other two.  Were the camera settings changed?

By the way, I have found that foggy scenes often look best with minimal processing. They are naturally very low contrast and do not need the heavier processing that is commonly applied to high contrast scenes to lift the shadows, etc.  Also, setting the black point for foggy scenes sometimes increases the contrast in a way that can make the scene appear unnatural.

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