Why is it hard to get 5D4 shutter count ?

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Re: Why is it hard to get 5D4 shutter count ?

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As a pro gear, I don't understand why we have to use a third party software. Shutter count is like the odometer if my car. Except all cars have it... Why Canon is "hiding" this information ?

Unless you have done something extraordinary, the approximate shutter count is in the file name.

Is it ?

The file name denotes where it is within the 9,999 shots before it resets back to 0001 again. I wasn't aware of a method of determining if the body had taken 59,999 or 79,999 shots (or 339,000 vs 379,999) - unless the photographer keeps VERY meticulous records.

I keep all my RAWs (and I only shoot RAW) in folders with names like Canon238. This folder will contain images from shutter counts 23,800-to-23,899 to eliminate the problem. Afterwards i process the batches and put the final *.jpgs in folders like Thanksgiving2018,...


I think what you do is probably extraordinary - I am not sure that many owners would go to the lengths of retaining every RAW file ever shot in specially numbered folders - I certainly don't.

I suspect the "average" person is nowhere near as diligent as you and deletes the RAW files that they don't want (part of the joy of digital at times - blast away and ditch 95% of them), or perhaps deletes ALL RAW files after they have been converted to the finished images. In fact I would suggest that the average camera user doesn't even shoot RAW in the first place. If this is the norm (average person) then it is common behaviour, not extraordinary.

There are people here who report having shutter counts of 500,000+, which would be around 14Tb just for the RAW files alone, never mind the "finished" photos. And then some, like me, keep a secure backup of everything, which would double it. I know data is relatively cheap now, but buying drives that size is still a costly business. For a person who shoots a couple of thousand shots a year, no problem though.

I am not suggesting that what you do is bad at all, but certainly not the norm or ordinary, so it would be VERY common for most to not have the original images to refer back to to get a shutter count.


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